Friday, March 30, 2018


The thing they don't tell you about being an artist is that your greatest creative endeavors are going to be in the budget.  Okay, okay, perhaps they did tell me that, just not in so many words... I believe my grandmother's exact ones were "you're going to be poor and miserable."  I stubbornly refused to listen, at any rate.  And as professions go, I'm pretty sure art chooses the artist, and not the other way around, so I never stood a chance.  And at best, my grandmother was only half right--and I'd add an emphatic "SO FAR" to the her claim anyway.  But all of this is just leading up to the current realm of creative exploration happening in the studio: diversified income.  I've put together a Patreon page, which is a wonderful resource for creative-types, allowing followers to essentially subscribe to an artist's work.  I'll be moving most of my blog posts over that-a-way, for those who'd like the follow.  I'll also be offering some fun perks, like postcards (who doesn't love snail mail?) prints and other goodies.  I figure if people are willing to shell out for a box of loot (cookies, yoga stuff, yarn, makeup, guy stuff [sorry, I didn't know what's in that one, the advertisers have clearly pegged me as the lady-type], etc.) to be mailed to them every month, a postcard-with-cool-art-on-it subscription should go over pretty well :)  We'll see.  I'll also be offering some on-line critiques.  So, please, when you have a moment, mosey on over to my new endeavor and take a look:

Thanks for following me here!  It's been great :)