Friday, June 20, 2014

Oil Painters of America, Eastern Regional 2014

I'm also delighted to announce that my painting, "Treasure", will be included in this year's Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional exhibition, hosted by Eisele Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio this September. 

Studio workings

Here are a few in-progess shots of things kicking about the studio.  That is all.

Friday, June 6, 2014

So on and so forth

A few new things to report. Sebbie's kite flying adventure painting is finished and all snazzy in its new frame. I particularly like this one as it explores the line between reality and imagination.

 I've also been working away on a commission of a floral still life. I always love painting flowers, and this piece has given me a chance to really develop a floral painting. I'll post a picture of the finished work once it is, in fact, finished.

I seem to get asked a lot what exactly it entails, being an artist. "What does a day in your life look like?" people ask. I never really know how to answer, because, I suppose, everyone's life seems rather ordinary to the person living it. (I try not to throw my alarm across the room when it goes off in the morning. I eat toast with peanut butter for breakfast. I put my socks on before my shoes. I drink lots of tea, and when that fails, coffee. See? Very ordinary.) But some days are particularly exciting, like the day I set up a new still life. I'm starting a new Sebbie painting "Sebbie and the Sky Pirate"--I'm very excited. So my day consisted of rigging a toy boat to hang at just the right hight and just the right angle; making a rope ladder out of twine and headless match sticks; de-heading match sticks; performing surgery on my pirate to remove him from his wooden base which was too big to fit on the deck of the boat; playing with a marionette (Sebbie, of course) to get him to look in the right direction and have the right posture (clothes pins and pony clips required); and so on and so forth. Set up days are usually good days. And I'm super excited about this painting--it's started but not yet share-worthy, but it will be soon. Meanwhile, here's the set up: