Sunday, May 23, 2010

She needs a name

I started naming my paintings after the toys in them because it was more interesting. I had started painting the toys because I had gotten bored of traditional still lives, and somehow "still life with marionette" wasn't a far enough leap from "still life with onions". I wanted to make paintings with more narrative; it only seemed natural that the titles should follow suit. Which brings me to the painting below. It's entitled "The Magnifying Glass":

The little gnome-like toy doesn't have a name yet. I already have a Sebbie and a Fuzzie, a horse and a little horse, and host of June bugs. (I have a knitted kiwi bird named Phineas as well, although no painting of him as of yet.) I'm leaning towards Edith for this little green fellow, nods to Nesbit.

Phineas, my kiwi

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