Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting over, again.

I have been studio-less for about three weeks now, although, frankly, it seems much longer. And while it was my decision to give up my old studio, after a year filled with more loss, illness and trauma than I thought possible to survive seemingly all at once, I can't say it felt like I had much of a choice. Not to say the year didn't also include exciting adventures, a fair amount of joy, and wonderful people whom I now miss dearly, but I'd hazard a guess that those had little to do with the exhaustion I felt to the very core. I couldn't imagine staying where I was any longer and, it seems, things that cannot be imagined cease to be possibilities.

So now I am living with my parents, and not having a studio poses its own problems, as I function only slightly better without painting than I would without breathing. And painting Sebbie almost always makes me happy. My lack of studio is also complicated by a lack of easel and lack of decent palette, both of which I had had on loan while I remained at my old studio. Luckily, though, I am very stubborn, and today I finally contrived a way to set up a still life without the proper anything. Here is my set up:

I have clamped a box to the side of a bookcase to hold my canvas, and moved the books aside to make room for a box with a set up. Not a proper studio, as such, but enough to keep me happy for the moment.

Here is day one's block in. I also got the added pleasure of painting over the start of a painting I'd wiped out about a year ago and haven't had the heart to go back to. To new beginnings indeed.

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