Monday, April 4, 2011

adventures on panel

In continuing with the in-progress bits, I have yet another painting in stages. This one is on panel, however, which I've seldom used, so it presents a new challenge for me in that regard. I'm enjoying it; I think the panel prevents me from resorting to the bad habits I've developed when I get frustrated, as the materials don't work the way I'm used to, and I'm hoping it will force the better painter in me to the surface. It's also a very small painting, which means I can focus on it in my current, scattered state. The white painting with the elephant has rather been laid to the side for now. My scatteredness is my own fault. I've moved often, but somehow I always forget the long period of adjustment that is the beginning of living in a new place. New routines, new homes, new jobs, new grocery stores, new banks, new public transportation systems to lose my temper with, the whole effort of trying to make new friends. It's exhausting, even if it is exciting. I started a new job last week, at a string instrument shop. Roughly, I get to take violins apart, clean all the bits and pieces, replace any broken bits, and put the whole things back together again. It's a job that fits well into my resume of odd jobs. Not all the instruments can be fixed though, and I'm hoping one of the lost causes might make it into one of my paintings one of these days. But in the mean time, my painting hasn't been going as well as I'd like, but things, I'm determined, are looking up. So, without further ado...

Day one:

Day two:

(not finished)

I found this little guy at the Christmas market in Leipzig. I'm such a sucker for little toys with big noses and wooly beards.

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