Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been busy, although not as much in the studio as I'd like.  Lately I have been working on several paintings simultaneously, and I thought I should break out of my hermit-like tendency long enough to post a few--although, in the end, it turns out there are only two I am actually willing to post in their unfinished state.  So, without further ado, as they say:

still life with instruments (working title), oil on panel, in progress


Street scene with two little kids, and a preparatory drawing study.  Oil on panel, and pencil, respectively.

The little girl's face is killing me in the painting of it, I have now wiped it out and started over more times than I can count.  I'm sure I'll get it eventually.  The other paintings I'm not posting are also street scenes, and they're all quite small in scale.  I'm finding people, especially faces, on a tiny scale particularly challenging.  But many of the paintings I see as preliminaries to larger works, and as a roll of canvas arrived yesterday, they soon may be.

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