Monday, February 21, 2011

A small boat, an old photograph, and nowhere to live

I haven't painted in several weeks now. A fact that rather makes me want to cry; it seems patience is not high on my list of virtues. The lack of painting is because I have yet to find a place to live in my newly adopted city, and so have been unable to set up shop, as it were. I have, however, found a small wooden boat at a thrift shop.

Baby boat:

It's the baby boat to the mamma boat I got for my birthday last year. And I'm aching to get to painting both of them! Here's hoping I find a place to live before the painting part of my brain explodes in frustration. And, because I have no new paintings to show you, I give you an old photograph.

Old photograph:

You may recognize Sebbie as the small puppet in the center. The bulbous baby head on the left belongs to my younger brother. And the little girl in the center, running the show, is me, about twenty years younger than now.


  1. How nice to see a recent photo of YOU in the mix; your long hair is beautiful! You look very cute -in both pictures!
    Best Wishes in the continued house hunt,

  2. Hi! I lurk from time to time, and I wanted to give you a big cheer up comment. I've been flu ridden, and it threw me off my draw/paint feed for weeks. D: Can't beat yourself up you will be back in no time. :)

  3. What a fantastic find--I love the boat :)