Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some odds and ends from travels

I've been going through things collected on my travels and have come across a few paintings I have not posted. These are, again, not the greatest of images (those paintings that I think are the best will be photographed properly before being added to my website), and most of the paintings are merely studies and not "finished" pieces as such. But I think they're kind of fun when seen all together, so here they are:

This was my kitchen in Albi. (The left edge of the painting is actually straight, the canvas just wasn't laying flat when the photo was taken)

these are some trees along the river Tarn (again with the edges being straight in real life)

This was a hill in Wales (it started to rain while I was at this one, so it had a hasty finish)(also, this is obviously a charcoal sketch and not a painting)

This was a storm coming over a lake in Brecon Beacons, a very quick sketch accordingly.

And this is a view from Buckland Hill in Bwlch.

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