Thursday, March 24, 2011

Framing and some studio shots

My bedroom/studio is slowly, but surely, becoming a studio with a bed in the corner. I prefer to work on multiple pieces simultaneously, which, obviously, means I need multiple places to work, and, well, every surface is fair game. Doesn't everyone's dresser have jars of paint brushes on it? Surely everyone's nightstand is in the process of being converted into a still life set up?

And, well, I can't say I'm sorry I have a bookshelf full of toys.

But here is the real mystery. Every time I order multiple frames at once, I somehow end up with one I can't account for ordering, one that has no painting to fill it. And while this obviously isn't a terrible problem, as I can merely paint a piece that size and use the frame, I'm at a loss to explain how this happens, as where painting business is concerned, I'm as fastidious as they come.

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