Thursday, March 10, 2011


After much headache, I've finally a place to paint again! It's been quite the exercise in problem solving, as even after I found a place to live (which currently doubles as my place to paint), I had a white-walled, west-facing room, not quite the opposite, but far enough from the dark-walled, north-facing room ideal for painting. I won't bore you with my light manipulation solutions, which may or may not involve an upside down clothes rack sewn to a shower curtain, hung from the wall. Here's a picture of the finished product for the curious:

It works surprisingly well. I also have new roommates, including a very affectionate cat, who today decided that the ideal napping spot was behind me as I painted at the easel. Brilliant, as when I backed up I inevitably stepped on him, and in an effort to not hurt him, threw myself sideways, falling, palette first, onto my bed. Poor bed. Someday, I dream of owning things that don't have paint on them, but as long as my studio and my bedroom are the same room, I don't think I'll be that lucky. (The cat was fine, by the way).

The important part is, of course, that I'm painting again! As a curiosity for myself, I decided to take in progress photos of my current painting, and I thought I'd post them for fun. So here is a first day's block in, in seven stages:

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