Monday, June 18, 2012


I spent yesterday on Nantucket, which, frankly, is not such a bad place to find oneself.  I brought my plein air getup with me and was quite excited to paint some boats.  The wind, however, had other plans, for while you can paint in the rain or the sun or the snow, it's the wind that causes the biggest headache, quite happily blowing over all but the heartiest setups, and I had not planned for the wind.  So, wandering around looking for a spot out of the wind with a nice view, I found myself at Jetties Beach among the dunes, and set out to paint the racing clouds and sand.  I knew that painting sand dunes well is plenty tricky, but I'd never tried, so thought I would.  I think I could use some more practice, which, sadly, will mean spending more time at the beach :)

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