Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oma's flowers

My paternal grandmother passed away nearly a year and a half ago.  She was an amazing woman.  And an avid grower of plants.  After she died, I took cuttings from some of her house plants and brought them home with me, where they've flourished, a lucky thing, as the originals languished without her care.  One of the plants bears lovely little white flowers which I've been meaning to paint for a while now, in her memory.  The painting below is actually of a plant grown from a cutting I took from my first cutting-- now I have two-- and this little guy was just so cheery in its little pot and all full of blooms.  She never knew what the plant was called in English, in German, its common name is something like 'bridal veil'.  To me, they are Oma's flowers.

Oma's Flowers

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