Friday, March 15, 2013

Step by step, day one

Periodically, people ask me about my process as an artist: what steps do I take to complete a painting? So, for sake of demonstration, I took a bunch of in-progress pictures of my latest Sebbie painting. These are all from today, day one of the painting.  I started with a tinted (imprimatura-ed) canvas, and sketched out my composition with charcoal, as you see at image 1, and then proceeded to block in the big shapes--for the skeleton that meant paying as much, if not more, attention to the negative shapes as the actual forms. And then I got so caught up in the work I forgot to take pictures between 2 and 3... and again between 4 and 5. Remembering to do other things while painting is not my strong suit--this is why I never put things in the oven while I work, no matter how wonderful it sounds to have a nicely baked something at the end of a painting session: I will forget about it while caught up in painting, and it will burn. Ah, well.  But hopefully you can get a rough sense of how my painting takes shape. After the block in is finished (image 6), comes the hard part; I'll keep you posted.







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