Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yearning for spring

I'm afraid I've never been a big fan of winter. It's beautiful, yes, but also cold and dark, which in my world translates to fatigue and grumpiness. Spring is clearly coming now, though. You can feel it in the moisture in the air on sunny days, you can hear it in the birds (who are the only creatures I'll freely admit beat my enthusiasm for the coming of warmer weather), and the days are longer, there is actually enough time between sunrise and sunset to get things done: it's wonderful. The only wrench in the gears is that here in New England, there's still a nice blanket of snow on the ground, and I'm ready for flowers. Indoors, however, I've been cultivating a fair number, and, in defiance of the snow, perhaps, have been doing little studies of the various blooms. Find below, orchids, daffodils, grape hyacinths, and ornithogalum. (Oils on panels).

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