Wednesday, July 3, 2013

etching wonders

I've been taking a class in etching at Zea Mays printmaking studio (highly recommended, by the way, should anyone be looking for lovely people to learn printmaking with).  It's been really interesting, so much thinking about things the reverse of how I usually think (printing being a reverse image, and having to think about lights and darks almost as a negative when working with aquatint).  First I did a Sebbie, because I thought I'd start with a familiar subject.  First with black ink, and then with pretty browns and transparency.  

Sebbie and the white fox:

Then I decided to try and copy an etching by Luigi Marcon (a fabulous Italian printmaker whom you should definitely look up if you aren't familiar with his work).  I have to say my etching fell short of his, but it really gave me fabulous insight into the process.  This I also did in black and then warmer browns:

Landscape, after Luigi Marcon:

Don't worry, I've been painting up a storm as well, I'm just holding out on sharing pictures.

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